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Top considerations for life insurance

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What type is best for me?
Matic agents can discuss your options, including products like final expense, accidental death, term life insurance – and more.
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How much coverage do I need?
Calculate your needs to get a starting point, then fine-tune the details with your advisor.*
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How much does it cost?
During your call, Matic agents can compare prices for different products and insurance companies.

Calculate how much life insurance you may need

*Life Happens “Do you really need 10x your salary in life insurance?” April 1, 2015. salary-in-life-insurance/
**Costs reflect tuition, fees, room and board from MEFA Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority. Inflation is calculated by assuming a 3% increase in cost each year. This is only an estimate. Actual costs and rates of inflation may vary.

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Matic partners with several insurance carriers so you have access to the right type of coverage for you and your family.

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What's the difference between term life insurance, accidental death, and whole life?

Term life insurance

Getting a term life policy secures a tax-free payment for your loved ones in case you pass away while the policy is active. Terms typically range between 10 and 30 years.

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Accidental death insurance

This type of life insurance provides your family with a payout in case you pass away in a covered accident.

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Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is one type of permanent insurance that provides coverage for as long as you live (provided premiums are paid to keep the policy in force). These premiums tend to cost more than term insurance because, unlike term insurance, the policy doesn’t have an end date.

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A Matic advisor can help compare your options:

Term LifeAccidental DeathWhole Life
Tax-free benefityes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Fixed pricingyes checkmarkyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Policy covers all types of passingyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Wide range of coverage options (including $1M+)yes checkmark
Ideal for smaller coverage needs ($350K or less)yes checkmarkyes checkmark
Ideal for smaller budgetsyes checkmark
Popular choice for older adultsyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Popular choice for parents with kids at homeyes checkmarkyes checkmark
Permanent coverage you can keep for lifeyes checkmark

How to get life insurance with Matic

When scheduling your call, be prepared to answer a few personal questions, including:

  1. State of Residence
  2. Birthday
  3. Gender
  4. Basic health history (only for some products)
  5. Smoking history (only for some products)

Chat with a Matic coverage coordinator to understand your options and get free quotes in 30 minutes or less.

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Other frequently asked questions about life insurance

Who really needs life insurance?

Anyone can benefit from a life insurance policy, but it can be particularly important when you’re married, have kids, or own a house. Other life events like a divorce, the death of a loved one, or starting a business are opportunities to evaluate how much coverage you need and who your beneficiary should be.

Is the death benefit taxed?

No, a death benefit is not considered taxable income.2

Do I have to keep my life insurance policy?

Taking out a life insurance policy for a decade or more seems like a big commitment — but you can cancel your policy at any time. If your family situation changes or you downsize your home, you’re typically not stuck with a life insurance plan that no longer fits your needs.

What if I already have a life insurance policy through work?

While a group life insurance policy is a nice benefit from your employer, it usually doesn’t offer long-term security. Your policy is typically in effect only while you work there; so, if you quit or are let go, you may need to secure a personal policy. And for many people, that means having to get life insurance at an older age – which may impact price.

Talk to a licensed advisor to get started

Chat with a Matic coverage coordinator to understand your options and get free quotes in 30 minutes or less.

When scheduling your call, be prepared to answer a few personal questions, including:

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Your ideal life insurance budget per month
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What your life insurance policy should help pay for if you pass away
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Your date of birth and basic health history (only for some products)
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1Applies to approved applicants only. Not all applicants will be approved for coverage.
2This information provides general insights and should not replace professional financial advice. Always consult a qualified professional for any specific or personal concerns.