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Your customers need home and auto insurance. We are the only embedded insurance marketplace built for companies like yours.

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The easiest way to complement your offerings

Matic’s embedded insurance solutions were built with partners in mind. Our flexible approach to integrations works across all industries — from mortgage origination, servicing, and banking to auto financing, real estate, and much more.

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Drive revenue — create a new ancillary revenue stream and see a 2-3x uptick in customer retention

Customers will love you

Increase brand affinity — our co-branded program and superior customer satisfaction rate builds affinity for your brand

Share and implement easily

Implement easily — our compliance-first approach and turnkey API integration requires little to no technical lift

Your customers will love The Magic of Matic

4.9/5 stars
88 NPS
Save time & money

Shop 30+ carriers and find the best policy in moments. Save an average of $625 + no service fees.

Trusted carriers

We only work with A-rated carriers because quality matters. No ifs, ands, or B-ratings about it.

Double support

Our customer service team will help navigate any challenges with the insurance carriers.

Best price peace of mind

We continually shop the best policy year-round to make sure customers are not overpaying.

Compliance-driven = no surprises

Since we’re built for partners, due diligence is a breeze. We lead with compliance and understand the intricacies of highly regulated industries, such as banking, mortgage lending, and mortgage servicing.

Track record of passing major 3rd party audits and compliance tests.

Consistently vetted by global banks and top mortgage servicers.


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