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We know how important it is to keep your family safe

That’s why Matic partners with multiple carriers to offer term life insurance — with fast quoting and easy online applications.* Paying off the mortgage, funding college, and going on family vacations are just a few of the things your loved ones may be able to do with a tax-free death benefit.

Your needs, your budget

Term life insurance may be more affordable than you think. More than 50% of Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance by as much as 3x.** That’s just one reason why it’s important to get a quote specific to you.

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Common reasons customers choose term life insurance

Life insurance coverage through work may not be enough.

Workplace coverage is typically based on your salary — not your mortgage or monthly expenses. That can create a gap between your coverage and the payout needed to protect your family’s financial future.

If you change jobs, you may be without life insurance coverage.

Workplace policies often end when your employment ends. This can cause period of time when you might be without life insurance coverage.

It's more affordable than you might predict.

More than half of Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance by as much as 3x.** Getting a quick quote can help ensure you have accurate information.

Once you buy a policy, term life insurance rates don't change.

That’s why young and healthy individuals may want to lock in a rate. Even though life insurance may seem like something you don’t need until you are older, rates typically increase as you age or have medical issues.

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How much coverage should I have?

A good starting point may be your mortgage balance. Then adjust up or down from there based on future expenses (monthly bills, daycare, college tuition, family vacations, etc.).

There’s no one-size-fits-all for life insurance coverage. Think about how much your family would need if they lost your income without any time to prepare. Consider factors like:

  • Existing debt: mortgages, credit cards, auto loans
  • Ongoing expenses like childcare and monthly bills
  • Future expenses: college tuition, retirement
  • Lifestyle budgets for things like family vacations
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Have more questions on term life insurance? Here are the details.

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance pays your loved ones money if you pass away. It covers a set amount of time that you choose — usually between 10 and 30 years – and provides a sum of money that you decide when you buy the policy.

Why would a family consider term life insurance?

Think of it as a safety net for your loved ones after you’re gone. It protects your income and helps your family cover expenses like a mortgage, bills, and children’s education.

What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is the person who receives the proceeds of your term life insurance policy if you pass away while the policy is active. You can choose anyone as your beneficiary and change your designation as needed. You can also have multiple beneficiaries.

Is term life insurance expensive?

Term life insurance is generally considered a more affordable option and it can be customized to fit your budget. More than half of Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance** – so it’s important to do your research and get a quote based on your age, gender, and health history.

Is a medical exam required?

Our goal is to find the lowest rate for the level of life insurance coverage you’re seeking. Depending on your age and health history, a medical exam may be required to get the most accurate pricing. Some applicants will be offered a life insurance policy with no medical exam. Either way, you will be guided through the process to ensure your application is completed as quickly as possible.

Talk to a licensed advisor to get started

A brief chat can help you understand your options and get a free quote in 30 minutes or less.

When scheduling your call, be prepared to answer a few personal questions, including:

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Your ideal life insurance budget per month
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What your life insurance policy should help pay for if you pass away
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Your date of birth and basic health history (only for some products)
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Not sure where to start? Let's figure it out together.

*Some applicants may be offered same-day coverage, while others may require additional underwriting.

**In January 2023, LIMRA and Life Happens engaged an online panel to survey adult consumers who are financial decision makers in their households. The survey generated over 8,000 responses. The results were weighted to represent the U.S. population. https://www.limra.com/siteassets/newsroom/liam/2023/0859-2023-liam-fact-sheet-2023_final.pdf

Product availability, features, rates, limitations and exclusions may vary by state. For costs and complete details of the coverage, please contact your insurance representative or Assurity to review the policy for more information. The state specific policy form is the ultimate authority for any questions about this product.

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