Accidental death insurance

Get accidental death insurance today with no medical exam.

We know how important it is to keep your family safe.

That’s why Matic has partnered with Assurity to offer accidental death insurance — with no medical exam. Paying off the mortgage, funding college, and going on family vacations are just a few of the things your loved ones will be able to do with a tax-free death benefit.

Your needs, your budget

Accidental death insurance on your terms, with Assurity.

Profile image for Cost for a 55-year-old male:

Cost for a 55-year-old male:


($250,000 benefit for 20-year coverage)

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Cost for a 45-year-old female:


($250,000 benefit for 20-year coverage)

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Accidental death insurance can be an affordable supplement or alternative to other life insurance.

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Get a quote and apply for coverage — all from the comfort of your home.

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Choose the term period and benefit amount that’s right for your family and budget.

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Accidental death policies pay out tax-free. So you can rest easy knowing the full benefit would go to your beneficiaries.

Common reasons customers choose accidental death insurance

  • It’s a way to supplement your existing life insurance coverage with extra protection for your family.
  • Accidental death is a budget-friendly alternative to term or whole life insurance.
  • It’s an option for those who may not qualify for other types of life insurance due to age, occupation, or medical reasons.
  • It’s life insurance without the hassle of a medical exam or a long approval process.

How much coverage should I have?

The answer is — it depends on your situation. Think about how much your family would need if they lost your income without any time to prepare for it.

Consider things like:

  • Your budget — what would your family need to keep up with expenses like your mortgage, monthly bills, and car payments?
  • Your long-term plans — how much will your family need to cover savings like retirement and children’s college tuition?
  • Your lifestyle — from living in your home to taking family vacations, what would your family need to maintain their existing lifestyle?
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Have more questions on accidental death insurance? Here's more info.

What is accidental death insurance?

Accidental death insurance pays your loved ones money if you die from an accident. Think of it as income protection — it helps your family cover expenses like a mortgage, bills, and children’s education.

Is this different from term life insurance?

Accidental death insurance is different from term life insurance.

Unlike term life insurance, accidental death insurance is only paid out when the insured is involved in a covered accident. Accidental death insurance generally has a more budget-friendly premium and is easier to get approved.

With term life insurance, circumstances (in addition to accidents) like natural causes and illnesses are covered. The approval process can be longer, more selective, and require a medical exam.

What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is the person who receives the proceeds of your accidental death insurance policy if something were to happen to you. You can choose anyone as your beneficiary and change your designation as needed.

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When scheduling your call, be prepared to answer a few personal questions, including:

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*Rates based on Ohio resident state coverage for 20 years, with a $250,000 benefit.

**For approved applicants.