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General questions

Is Matic an insurance carrier?

No. Matic is your insurance agency and works with over 40 A-rated carriers to provide coverage to our customers. As your agency, we will match you with the carrier that best suits your needs. Visit our blog for more information on the difference between an insurance agency and an insurance carrier.

How does Matic work?

All it takes is a few minutes. You fill out a single online form to get matched with the best quote in seconds. We will even pre-fill some of the information! We’ll shop our network of over 40 A-rated insurance carriers to find you the best match (and we might save you money). After that, you can review your free quotes and compare coverage options. Finally, purchase your policy directly online or work with a licensed advisor over the phone.

Is Matic licensed?

Matic is fully licensed in all 50 states and works with 40+ A-rated carriers. Our agents are based in Columbus, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona.

Does Matic stay as my advisor through the length of my policy?

Yes! Consider us your “insurance advocate.” We’ll be here to answer your questions and help you navigate any issues that come up with your policy. Plus, if your needs change — like when you move or upgrade your home — we’re here to help update your coverage and keep the process smooth.

How does Matic make money?

Insurance carriers pay us a commission when you switch policies, but we’re always looking out for your best interest. Our advisors are not paid based on your premium, so we’re only focused on finding the right policy for you.

What does Matic charge?

Nothing! It’s 100% free to shop for home and auto insurance with Matic. Plus, there are no extra fees when you purchase a policy through Matic. Only pay the cost of your premium.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes. We understand the importance of protecting your privacy. Your personal information will never be shared or sold, so you’ll only hear from Matic.

How long does the process take? How soon can I get insured?

Only a few minutes! You’ll fill out a form and we’ll even pre-fill some of the information. Matic will then match you with the carrier that best suits your needs. As soon as you choose your quote, you’ll finalize your policy with our team of licensed advisors on the phone or directly online, depending on the policy you choose.

How is Matic different from other insurance sites?

Matic is a free insurance marketplace that allows you to compare coverage and rates in seconds from a network of over 40 carriers. We work with both national and regional carriers and offer coverage in all 50 states for a wide selection of options for many US customers.

Unlike other comparison shopping sites, Matic is backed by a fully licensed insurance agency — call us and a real human will answer the phone. And once you’re a customer, we’ll be there to help you navigate any issues with your policy.

Finally, other comparison shopping sites may sell your information. With Matic, your personal information will never be shared or sold.

Is it cheaper to buy insurance through Matic?

Through Matic’s insurance marketplace, customers can easily compare rates from over 40 A-rated carriers and find the best available option. Many customers save money when they shop with Matic — on average, customers save $546* annually.

How do I switch carriers? Is it hard?

It’s easy! Once your Matic agent finalizes your policy, our customer service team takes care of everything else. All you have to do is electronically sign your insurance application and you’re done.

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Ready to start saving on your insurance?

Matic simplifies the process by comparing over 40 A-rated carriers within seconds to find you the best policy at the best price. Customers save an average of $639* per year.
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For current customers

I just bought a policy. Now what?

Congratulations, and welcome to Matic! Please visit our carrier page for more about your carrier’s specific onboarding process, contact information, application details and helpful links. Your carrier’s name is listed on the Declarations page that was attached to your Matic Welcome Email.

Who is my insurance policy with?

The name of your carrier is listed on the Declarations page that was attached to your Matic Welcome Email.

Our Customer Service Team is here to make sure you always have the best policy, and to advocate on your behalf should you have an issue with your carrier. We can be reached at [email protected] or (844) 431-6454. We can also shop additional insurance products for you!

How and when should I contact Matic?

If you have questions about billing or need to file a claim, reach out to your carrier for expedited assistance.

If you have a question about your policy, are considering filing a claim, or aren’t getting the service you need from your carrier, please contact our Customer Service Specialists. As a client of Matic, you have an assigned Advocate and licensed insurance Advisor assigned to your account. We can be reached at [email protected] or (844) 431-6454 M-F 9am-6pm ET.

I have a question about Billing or Service. Who do I call?

All of our carriers have Billing departments that are there for you. Their contact information can be found here. In addition, most of our carriers offer online payment options. In the carrier page, you can find links to register your account, which we highly recommend.

Will my home be inspected?

Most homeowners insurance carriers require an inspection of your home’s exterior as a new client. Inspections are done in order to make certain that your property is accurately insured—and they also look for liability or concerns that need to be addressed. For exterior inspections, you are not required to be home unless you live in a gated community or have limited access to the rear of the home.

An interior inspection is required in some instances. These will be scheduled by your Carrier. Some carriers, including State Auto and Travelers, offer a Self-Inspection option. In all cases, please keep an eye on your email and mailbox for detailed information from your Carrier.

How will my policy be paid?

Your homeowners insurance can be set up to bill to your Escrow account or be directly billed to you. If your home insurance is to be paid at Closing, your account will be set up as Escrow-billed. After Closing, it is likely that your loan will transfer to a Loan Servicer. When this happens, or if you refinance, it is important you update the Mortgagee Clause and Loan Number with your Carrier, to ensure there is no lapse in coverage at the time of renewal.

If your loan is already with a Servicer, we send proof of insurance to them immediately after your purchase. However, if you have any questions about the status of insurance on your Escrow account, you can always reach out to our Servicer partners:

If your homeowners insurance is not set up to withdraw from your Escrow account, payment is due at the time of purchase.

I haven't signed my application. How is my policy in effect?

When you spoke to your Matic Advisor, a verbal authorization was completed and the policy was issued to go into effect on the date you requested. Once issued, each Carrier has unique documentation requirements. Some will cancel automatically if a signed application is not received within a predetermined period of time and others don’t require a signature at all. Please click here for your carrier’s specific requirements.

Can you help me cancel my old insurance policy?

We’d love to help! Matic provides a form you can email, fax or direct mail to your previous insurance provider. If you would like assistance, please contact us at [email protected] or (844) 431-6454, and be ready to provide your prior carrier’s Name, Fax or Email, the old policy number, and its term (dates). We will send the form to you for signature and then it will go to your prior carrier via fax or email.

I want to purchase another policy with Matic. Who do I call?

To purchase a new policy, please call Matic at (844) 431-6454.

Matic offers Home, Dwelling/Fire (Landlord), Condo, Auto, Motorcycle, RV, Boat, Umbrella and Pet insurance and we are happy to discuss which policies and carriers are best suited to your needs.

I have an auto policy. Who do I call to add a new car, add a driver, or change coverages?

Most of our carriers that offer automobile insurance have a service team dedicated to our clients. Please check the carrier page for contact information. In addition, many changes may be done via the carrier’s online portal; we suggest registering your policy with them for simple and quick service.

My policy is renewing soon. What do I need to do?

Most policies automatically renew*. Your carrier will send out a renewal notice prior to the renewal date informing you of any changes to your policy. If you would like to review these changes with a licensed Customer Service Specialist, click here to schedule a consultation. We can also assist with other insurance needs you may have.

*In rare instances, policies may not auto-renew. If you are unsure, please call Matic’s Customer Service Team at (844) 431-6454 or your carrier directly.

I need to file a claim. Who do I call?

If you are unsure as to whether you should file a claim, please call the Customer Service Team at Matic at (844) 431-6454. We can review your coverages and advise you on next steps.

If you know you need to file a claim, please contact your carrier directly to expedite the claims process. Most carriers can begin claims by phone or via their website. Click here for their contact information. For quicker service, please register your policy online with the carrier and bookmark their website for easy access.

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Ready to start saving on your insurance?

Matic simplifies the process by comparing over 40 A-rated carriers within seconds to find you the best policy at the best price. Customers save an average of $639 per year*.
This Website is made available by Matic for informational purposes only. It contains general information regarding insurance and is not intended to solicit or sell specific insurance or provide financial advice. You should not act or refrain from acting based on the information contained herein. For insurance related needs, you should consult a licensed insurance agent. Matic disclaims all liability for actions taken or not taken by you based on the contents herein.

*Average savings reflect a combination of home and auto insurance products. Homeowner savings reflect the difference of Matic customers' prior insurance policy and their new policy, derived from data where the customers' prior insurance premium amount is known to Matic. Auto savings contains customers' self-reported data reflecting the average of the difference between the cost of the prior and new insurance policy. Accounts for all customers who found savings between January 2023 and December 2023.