Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

For Clients

I just bought a policy. Now what?

Congratulations, and welcome to Matic!  Please visit our carrier page to learn more about your Carrier’s specific onboarding process.  It is important you complete these steps to ensure a smooth transition to your new policy. Your carrier is listed on your Declarations Page and in your Matic welcome email.

I need to purchase a new policy. Who do I call?

To purchase a new policy, please call Matic at 614-929-7736.

Matic offers Home, Dwelling/Fire (Landlord), Condo, Auto, Motorcycle, RV, Boat, Umbrella and Pet insurance and we are happy to discuss which policies and carriers are best suited to your needs.

I need to change the policy I currently have. Who do I call?

Please reach out to your carrier directly to make any changes to your current policy. This includes adding a new car or driver to an existing auto policy.

Who is my insurance policy with?  Who is Matic?

Matic is your insurance Agency.  We are fully licensed in all 50 states and only work with A-rated carriers. As your Agency, we are responsible for making sure that your policies are with the Carrier(s) that best suits your needs.  Your insurance policy is with one of our 26 A-rated Carriers and is listed on your Declarations page. Here at Matic, we will advocate on your behalf should you have any issues with your Carrier or have questions about your policy.

How and when should I contact Matic?

Reach out to your carrier directly if you have questions about billing or want to file a claim. If you have a question about your policy, please reach out to our Client Care Team who are available M-Th 9:30am-6pm and F 9am-5pm EST. We can be reached at 614-929-7736.  As a Client of Matic, you have an assigned Advocate and licensed insurance Advisor assigned to your account who can help answer any questions you may have. 

I have a question about Billing or Service. Who do I call?

Reach out to your carrier with any Billing or Service related questions such as filing a claim. You can find contact information for your carrier on our carrier page.

My policy is renewing soon. What do I need to do?

Most policies automatically renew*.  Your Carrier will send out a renewal notice, informing you of any changes with your policy.  If you would like to review these changes with a licensed Client Care Specialist, click here to schedule a consultation.  We can also assist with other insurance needs you may have.

*In rare instances, policies may not auto-renew.  If you are unsure, please call the Matic Client Care Team at 614-929-7736 or your carrier directly.

I need to file a claim. Who do I call?

If you are unsure as to whether you should file a claim, please call the Client Care Team at Matic at 614-929-7736.  We can review your coverages and advise on the situation.

If you know you need to file a claim, please call your carrier directly. You can find contact information for your carrier on our carrier page.

Will my home be inspected?

Most home carriers will require an inspection of your home’s exterior for new clients and it is important the condition of your home matches what you’ve communicated to your Matic Agent or you risk your policy being canceled. For exterior inspections, you are not required to be home unless you live in a gated community or have limited access to the rear of the home. 

There are some situations where an interior inspection will be required.  For Universal Property & Casualty (UPC) policy holders, some homes require a “Self Inspection.” In both instances you will be notified via email.

How will my homeowners insurance be paid?

Your insurance can be paid in two ways: via Escrow or Direct Bill.
If your Homeowners insurance is paid via your Escrow account, your policy will be written as such in order to bill your Loan Servicer.  Although we send proof of insurance immediately after your purchase, we recommend you call your Loan Servicer to ensure they are aware you have switched your insurance provider.

Below are the phone numbers for our Loan Servicer partners:
Mr. Cooper: 800-687-4729
Roundpoint: 866-881-2568

For Direct bill clients, payment is due at the time of purchase.

I haven’t signed my application. How is my policy in effect?

You completed a verbal application when you spoke to your Matic Advisor, and with your authorization they were able to issue your new policy.  Once issued, each carrier has unique signature and documentation requirements. Please click here for carrier-specific information.

Can you help me cancel my old insurance policy?

We would love to help!  We can provide a form that can be emailed, faxed or mailed to your previous insurance provider.  If you would like assistance, please call the Client Care Team at Matic at 614-929-7736. We will need your: Prior Carrier name, fax or email, policy number and policy term (dates).  We will take care of sending it!

Please note: although we send the form, we cannot guarantee your carrier will honor it. It is always good to confirm your prior carrier received the cancellation notice in order to expedite your refund.  

I bought a new car or need to add a driver. Who do I call to make changes to my auto policy?

Please call your carrier directly to make changes to your policy. You can find your carrier contact information on our carrier page.