5 Tips To Market Your Lending Business on Social Media

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Research reveals that 78% of mortgage loan officers who use social media marketing outperform their peers. With this in mind, it’s important for loan officers to create an engaging social media presence to make sure you’re top of mind when borrowers are ready to look for a lender. These five social media tips will help you build awareness, drive leads, and grow your business.

1. Build authentic relationships

Increase conversions by building trust and engaging authentically with your followers. In addition to sharing information related to mortgages, share select personal details as well. An an example, you can talk about your favorite restaurants in the area or upcoming vacation destinations. It helps leads feel connected to you outside of a business relationship and it also positions you as a local expert in your community.

2. Be responsive

Social media shouldn’t be one-sided. Ask questions in your social posts to encourage conversations. And be good about responding to comments so that your followers feel heard. Plus, interactions boost your visibility in followers’ feeds so that your content is seen by more people.

3. Identify trends among clients

All of these conversations open the door to accessing a lot of raw data you might not see otherwise. What are people asking about or talking about? Monitor your posts and see which ones spark the most engagement. There are several metrics you can use, including:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments

In addition to identifying themes, you can also experiment with different types of media, like video versus text. If one gets more interactions than the other, you can shift your social media strategy to include more engaging posts.

Identifying popular trends prepares you to answer common questions from customers and prospects. And it can also inspire your content. If you notice people asking about rising interest rates, you can craft a calming response to go into your email marketing funnel — and you can feel confident that the information will be well-received.

4. Promote listings from real estate agent partners

Social media is an excellent platform to share content from others, including your partnering real estate agents. Promote their listings and open houses, as well as any other events or news they post.

5. Share successful closings

Ask clients for permission to share their closing success stories on social media. It’s fun content that works well across multiple platforms, especially if you include photos. Plus, you give potential clients validation that others have happily used your services.

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