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What is jewelry insurance?

Jewelry insurance provides coverage against losses if your jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged. It’s a separate policy from your home insurance and can cover the cost of having your pieces replaced or repaired. A standalone jewelry insurance policy can cover you for events that may not be included in your home insurance policy.

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Keeping your jewelry safe has never been easier

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Policies for real life

Accidents happen and items get misplaced — jewelry insurance can give you peace of mind.
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Personalized protection

Policies can be customized to your piece and based on your most recent appraisal.
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Affordable premiums

Annual coverage can cost 1-2% of your jewelry’s value — sometimes less than a cup of coffee every month for a year.

What’s covered with jewelry insurance?

With comprehensive jewelry coverage, here’s what’s typically insured:

Accidental loss
Accidental loss

Instances of jewelry loss like if your ring falls off in public or an earring drops into the kitchen sink.


Jewelry insurance protects your valuables if they are stolen, so you can rest easy.


Accidents like broken clasps and cracked diamonds are covered.

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Whether your jewelry is misplaced or stolen, it’s protected.

Loose stones
Loose stones

Coverage for loose stones, even when being set by your jeweler, is included.

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International travel

Fly without fear, jewelry insurance has you covered.

What usually isn’t covered with jewelry insurance?

Here are a few things that aren’t typically covered with jewelry insurance:

  • Damage caused by rodents or insects
  • Loss or damage as a result of war
  • Wear and tear like small scratches
  • Intentional actions such as destruction or voluntary parting
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Did you know? A benefit of purchasing a separate jewelry policy is that if you need to file a claim, it won’t affect your homeowners insurance premiums.

More questions on jewelry insurance? Let’s dive in.

What types of jewelry are covered?

We’ve partnered with Jeweler’s Mutual to offer comprehensive coverage for your valuables. Any type of fine jewelry like rings, bracelets, watches, chains, and more are all covered.

Is it worth it to insure my jewelry?

Would you be upset or unable to replace your cherished item if it were ever misplaced, damaged, or stolen? If so, it’s worth it to insure. Plus, insurance is typically only a fraction of what it would cost to replace an item.

Should I insure my jewelry separately from my home insurance?

A standalone jewelry insurance policy can protect your home insurance from the effects of a jewelry claim. Additionally, it may cover events not included in your standard home insurance policy. However, the decision to insure jewelry separately depends on your specific policy and situation.

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