Our New Brand Identity

Matic Insurance announces new branding

A little background By Ben Madick, CEO & co-founder

When I co-founded Matic in 2014, our focus was to simplify home insurance during the closing process. While our mission remains the same, we have grown. Today, we are a digital marketplace of 40+ A-rated insurance carriers covering all 50 states. We have expanded beyond homeowners insurance and offer nearly every type of property and casualty insurance available, most recently with our launch into auto. We have onboarded more top-quality insurance carriers and expanded distribution partners beyond mortgage origination and servicing. As a complimentary offering for industries ranging from banks and real estate to auto dealerships, home services, and much more, Matic has become more accessible to consumers through partner distribution networks and our direct-to-consumer product flows.  

As our product offerings, distribution partners, and focus has grown, we recognized that our brand should reflect that growth. With this in mind, last year we welcomed our first VP of marketing, Sarah Berg, to define our brand strategy and identity iteration. I’m thrilled to unveil the work Sarah spearheaded in partnership with our Director of Design, Phil Knapp, and the Ink & Iron Design Initiative. 


Matic’s brand identity By Sarah Berg, VP of Marketing

Our refined identity expresses the essence of Matic today and our aspirational vision for the future. The foundation of our identity is a brand philosophy we aim to carry forth through every customer interaction. It is tightly aligned with the same company values and ISMs Matic has embodied since the early days. 

Be true. Transparency is a core value and demonstrated daily through the ISM: embrace the uncomfortable. Change is never easy, but embracing change, such as a brand identity iteration, is inevitably how we grow. Externally, we aspire to add transparency throughout the full customer experience to reinforce clarity and confidence.   

Be effortless. Insurance is difficult. Luckily, Maticians are obsessed with finding a better way. For our customers this translates to easing the pain of insurance by integrating it into the home and auto ownership experience, reducing the amount of information required up front, matching customers with the right coverage for the best price in seconds, and providing purchasing options — buy online or through a trusted advisor. 

Be unwavering. Working cohesively toward our vision, Maticians maintain a one team one dream mentality and with this mind, we always leave our ego at the door. This is true for our products and services as well. We have the best interest of our customers in mind by remaining 100% unbiased and never favoring specific carriers. By combining a digital marketplace and trusted insurance advisors, we offer an extra layer of support and advocacy for policyholders at point of sale and down the road in the event of a claim, ultimately delivering peace of mind. 

Our brand philosophy is the foundation to our identity — once the additional components, such as our brand promise, personality, voice, and tone were defined, we moved on to apply the refined verbal system to create a refreshed visual identity.  


Our new visual identity By Phil Knapp, Director of Design

Our new visual identity reflects our brand philosophy and is built upon these core tenets: keep it simple, keep it fresh, be modern but timeless, and always end with a touch of warmth.

Matic Logo

These tenets are represented in the logo mark — the heart. The key concept behind the mark is our brand promise to offer peace of mind by protecting the things close to the hearts of our customers. 

Keep it fresh. Our visual system introduces a new color palette and fresh approach to our illustrations and photography. Matic has a fresh approach to solving insurance and our look and feel should reflect that as well.

Keep it simple. Insurance can be confusing, but our visual identity shouldn’t be. We strive to make every interaction with Matic as simple and easy as possible, and that’s reflected in our designs. From digital to print, nobody should be confused about who Matic is and how we can help.

Be modern, but timeless. Matic brings a modern approach to an established industry. Our goal was to carry forth a modern look, but feel like an understated little black dress that complements any accessory while still holding our own. 

Always end with a touch of warmth. At the end of the day, we’re here to protect the things closest to our hearts. We are committed to deliver on that promise however you interact with Matic.


Matic logo


So how does that translate to our new logo? The typeform utilizes a humanist serif that gives a human touch, much like the way Matic combines insurance technology and real people. The mark is paired like a period at the end of the logotype to reflect our intention to complete every interaction with genuine humanity and transparency — always ending with a touch of warmth. The simple blue shapes within the mark create a dynamic image, visually reinforcing the idea of Matic being a collection of different efforts that come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Leveraging the simple shapes from the mark, we can create simple patterns throughout various design executions. 

Now that we have defined the core components to our visual identity, the work is just beginning. You’ll begin to see changes applied today and in the coming weeks as we continue to build a comprehensive design language system. We can’t wait to show you more.

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