5 Ways To Cut Down on Monthly Insurance Costs

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Every dollar counts, especially now. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for saving monthly on insurance.

1. Bundle Home & Auto Policies

Want up to 20% savings? That could be all yours when you combine home and auto insurance under one carrier. Contact us or schedule a time to talk quotes.

2. Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

Made any upgrades to your home (big or small)? You could be getting a nice discount for that. The same goes for lifestyle changes. Check out our full list of money-saving events.

3. Consider a Payment Plan

You deserve a break — and many carriers get that. Some are offering payment assistance plans. If you’re interested, contact your carrier to talk payment options.

​4. Adjust Your Mileage

Fewer miles on the road works in your favor. You may be able to cut expenses by adjusting the estimated driving miles on your auto insurance policy. Contact your carrier to see if you qualify for a discounted rate. .

5. Lower Your Monthly Escrow Amount

Your lender might be collecting too much for your home insurance. You can find out by doing a little math yourself, then asking them to re-run your escrow. Find out how.​

Let Us Help (That’s Why We’re Here)

If you’re a current customer, we’d be happy to look over your policy for more discounts. Find yourself with a claims issue? We’re just a click away.