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Save up to 20% on home and auto insurance

When Matic shops home & auto, customers save on average $639.* We work hard to find discounts — even checking to see if using two carriers gets better rates than bundling.

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How Matic works

Matic’s network of 40+ A-rated home and auto insurance carriers makes finding a policy fast and easy.
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Get quotes in seconds

Answer a few questions and get matched with initial quotes. We even pre-fill some information to make the process faster.

Compare pricing and coverage

Matic’s unbiased platform does not favor specific carriers. Review the initial quotes for details on the coverage and premiums.

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Choose your policy

Buy online with a digital-first carrier or talk to a licensed advisor to finalize your policy. You won’t pay extra fees when you shop with Matic, only pay for the price of the premium.

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Get started online

It's easy to get started. Start comparing quotes now and save up to 20% when Matic shops your home and auto.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Matic stay as my advisor through the length of my policy?

Yes! Consider us your “insurance advocate.” We’ll be here to answer your questions and help you navigate any issues that come up with your policy. Plus, if your needs change — like when you move or upgrade your home — we’re here to help update your coverage and keep the process smooth.

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How does Matic make money?

Insurance carriers pay us a commission when you switch policies, but we’re always looking out for your best interest. Our advisors are not paid based on your premium, so we’re only focused on finding the right policy for you.

What does Matic charge?

Nothing! It’s 100% free to shop for home and auto insurance with Matic. Plus, there are no extra fees when you purchase a policy through Matic. Only pay the cost of your premium.

How long does the process take? How soon can I get insured?

Only a few minutes! You’ll fill out a form and we’ll even pre-fill some of the information. Matic will then match you with the carrier that best suits your needs. As soon as you choose your quote, you’ll finalize your policy with our team of licensed advisors on the phone or directly online, depending on the policy you choose.

Why customers are choosing Matic

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Built for partnerships

Matic is the leading embedded P&C insurance solution for mortgage originators, servicers, banks, and financial institutions.

Why Partner with Matic?

Simplifying your whole world of insurance

We can help you find the right policy for all of your needs. Speak to a Matic advisor at (833) 382-1304 or start your quotes now.

*Average savings reflect a combination of home and auto insurance products. Homeowner savings reflect the difference of Matic customers' prior insurance policy and their new policy, derived from data where the customers' prior insurance premium amount is known to Matic. Auto savings contains customers' self-reported data reflecting the average of the difference between the cost of the prior and new insurance policy. Accounts for all customers who found savings between January 2023 and December 2023.