13 Homeowner Communication Themes For Mortgage Companies (+ 3 Templates to use October Through March)

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Both mortgage lenders and servicers have a challenge when it comes to retaining loyal, long-term customers. After all, the average homeowner has been in their home for eight years — which is a long time to stay relevant in borrowers’ minds and to potentially wait for repeat business. The good news is that a lot can happen in those eight years. Your customers can refer you to family and friends, refinance their mortgage, or take out home equity financing. 

Each of these opportunities for repeat business will only happen if your customers think of you when the occasion arises. That’s why it’s crucial to develop an ongoing communications plan that gives you planned touchpoints all year long. 

It may sound overwhelming, but it’s easier than you think. As we head into 2024, we’ve got an in-depth game plan so you know exactly what to say and when to say it to your customers through the next several months.

Why it’s important to regularly communicate with borrowers

Both lenders and servicers benefit from creating consistent touchpoints with homeowners before and after the mortgage closes. 

Lender benefits

Keeping your mortgage company in touch with borrowers through your loan officers increases brand awareness both before and after the application process. Building an online audience by posting relevant social media content sets you up for long-term success. It also establishes your brand as the go-to resource for anything related to homeownership, whether it’s property value trends or other tools and resources for homeowners. This establishes trust and showcases your company’s expertise, so that borrowers feel comfortable entrusting you with such a large purchase.  

Provide your loan officers with ideas on how to connect with customers before and after closing. This support sets them up for success, leading to increased employee loyalty and LO retention. And as your primary revenue drivers, investing in your loan officers can help improve productivity and efficiency — which helps the company’s overall bottom line.

Servicer benefits

Similarly, mortgage servicers can improve their customer experience by making the relationship less transactional. This is important for reputation management because research shows that borrowers prefer to stay with their original lender. In a recent J.D. Power Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction survey, both customer satisfaction and trust dropped significantly when borrowers’ loans were transferred.

You can improve your customer relationships by providing valuable touchpoints throughout the life of the loan. On top of that, it will be a major differentiator compared to other servicers out there.

Homeowner communication themes for Q4 2023 and Q1 2024

So, what should you actually say in all of your content? As we approach the end of the year and head into 2024, keep these themes and template examples in mind to use as inspiration for your social media and email communications in Q4 and Q1. 

Note: Be sure to include NMLS ID, company address, and state licensure details on public posts to remain in compliance.

Example digital marketing templates for email + social media

October: Financial Planning Month

October is a great time to connect with homeowners. Financial Planning Month kicks off the last quarter of the year and gives people the chance to reflect on how to accomplish their upcoming goals.


January: New Year’s financial resolutions

January is another introspective time for your audience to start making plans for what they want to achieve this year. Give them some guidance with ways they can utilize real estate, whether it’s upgrading their home, cashing out equity, or buying a vacation home. Understanding your audience helps you hone in on what topics will resonate best. Use these templates as a starting point.


March: Credit Education Month

Credit education is an important topic for homeowners because it helps them save money. But, depending on your audience, there may be a lot of fear and anxiety about assigning a number to their financial responsibility. Cater your content to your specific audience. 

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