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Matic partners with 40+ top-rated carriers to match you with the best policy for the best price in minutes. It’s one less thing to worry about for your new home.

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Why Matic?

40+ A-rated carriers

Matic only partners with the most-trusted carriers, so you never have to worry about quality.

Honest, unbiased advice

Talk to a real human with insurance expertise. Our advisors aren’t paid by the total premium, so we’re always looking out for your best interests.

No extra fees or service charges

What you see is what you get. You’ll only pay for the cost of your policy.

Free insurance monitoring

Premiums change, which is why Matic continually shops the best policy for you with our RateReview® monitoring service.

Extra support

We’re here to help navigate any issues with your carrier and even coordinate paperwork with your lender.

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How it works

meet matic video
meet matic video

30 days before your closing date, contact Matic at (833) 453-2319.

A Matic advisor will match you with the right coverage for the best price through their marketplace of 40+ A-rated insurance carriers.

Matic continually shops the best policy for you, year-round, and will notify you if a lower rate is available in the future.

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Call us at (833) 453-2319