A Shift From an In-House Insurance Agency to a Matic Partnership Helped a National Mortgage Servicer Generate Revenue and Round Out Their Suite of Offerings

The Need

Mortgage servicers are increasingly looking to help customers meet their housing goals beyond the loan, and offering insurance as part of the mortgage process can provide value and build loyalty. To offer insurance, mortgage entities can become licensed insurance providers to deliver insurance options to customers and add an ancillary revenue stream. One national mortgage servicer saw immense value in offering insurance and built an internal agency to begin the process of selling property & casualty products. 

After building the internal agency, the servicer recognized the challenges of profitably selling insurance in-house and the expertise required to build a high-performing program that meets customer needs. Because of these factors, the servicer approached Matic to leverage its large carrier network and many years of experience in optimizing programs for mortgage institutions.


Matic and the servicer worked together to implement a customized insurance program for borrowers. The two teams crafted a call center marketing strategy to contact customers who could likely find better coverage or save money with Matic. Additionally, Matic utilized customer data to launch email marketing campaigns at key shopping moments during the homeownership lifecycle. This allowed Matic to deploy truly personalized campaigns when customers were most likely to purchase insurance. With Matic’s guidance and a thoughtful customer segmentation plan, the servicer continues to expand their marketing channels and will soon be integrating an insurance offering within their customer portal. 

By using Matic’s tested best practices, extending their lead generation channels, and focusing on optimization, policy sales grew exponentially. The servicer noted significant improvements in conversion rates compared to results from their initial offering.

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Partnership Results

Matic is now the top revenue-driving ancillary product for this mortgage servicer.

Over 200% growth in policy sales in first three months

After the initial program launch, additional optimizations led to an increase of 209% in policy sales in the following three months — leading to increased partner revenue.

$802 average customer savings

Customers saved an average of $802 by shopping for insurance through Matic.

92% highly satisfied 

92% of the partner’s customers who bought a policy with Matic in 2023 said they were highly satisfied with their experience (9 or 10 rating).

What their customers say about Matic

“My servicer recommended Matic, and I’m so glad they did. The agent worked with me to get me a great deal.”

“The agent was amazing. He relieved all the stress I had shopping for insurance. He was knowledgeable, courteous and patient. I wish I had called him sooner.”

“Awesome direct process for superior results within minutes.”

“The agent was great! I was able to get better coverage while saving over 30% on my premiums.”


Savings data methodology: Average of the difference for Matic customers’ prior home insurance policy and their new policy for all homeowners who found savings, submitted to Matic from the referenced servicer between January 2023 and December 2023. Includes homeowners who became Matic policyholders and where the customers’ prior insurance premium amount is known to Matic. Policy sale data is based on month over month growth in sold policies after the first three months of 2022 program launch. Customer satisfaction data is based on the percentage of the servicer’s customers who rated their experience a 9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10 in Matic’s 2023 Net Promoter Score survey.
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