23 Ways To Save Money at Home to Help You Meet Your 2023 Financial Goals

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If you frequently find your budget isn’t stretching as far as it used to, you’re not alone. Inflation has sent prices for just about everything skyrocketing — and that can make it tough to make ends meet.

Fortunately there are dozens of ways to save money that can help you move the needle on New Year’s resolutions related to financial goals. Here are 23 suggestions to help you start 2023 with your finances in order.

Around the house

  1. Energy costs are rising, but you can help keep them in check by lowering your thermostat and changing your furnace filter so your HVAC system works more efficiently.
  2. Consider buying a programmable thermostat that can automatically reduce the temperature when you’ve left your home or are sleeping.
  3. Make sure your heated air isn’t escaping, and cold air isn’t coming in. Add weather stripping around doors and windows to make them airtight.
  4. Choose one streaming service at a time and unsubscribe to the others. You can always re-subscribe when the next binge-worthy series comes around.
  5. Before you buy something, consult local groups or social media platforms to see if you can buy it used for far less. Even better, join a Buy Nothing group and see if you can get items free.
  6. You can also borrow things like outdoor equipment, tools, and specialty items like sewing machines at many libraries free of charge. See if your local outlet offers this service and save money twice by doing projects around the house rather than paying someone else, and without incurring the costs of the necessary tools.
  7. If your New Year’s resolution is to declutter, don’t run out and buy fancy organizers. Instead, look around your house and repurpose baskets, jars, and other containers.
  8. Learn to sew or find a good seamstress to make repairs in clothing, rather than giving away something that’s otherwise still in wearable condition.
  9. Keep your appliances in good working order. It can help them work more efficiently now and extend their life, so clean and service them as needed.
  10. Don’t ignore small maintenance issues like peeling paint or splitting caulk, which can lead to bigger, more expensive problems such as mildew and mold.
  11. Shop your pantry and freezer to reduce your grocery bill and food waste at the same time. Buy in bulk or when your favorites are on sale. Remember, though, that it will only save money if you use all the items you purchase, so be careful with perishables.
  12. Try a no-spend week or weekend to reset your spending patterns. 

In your car

  1. Don’t put off car repairs. If you hear squeaking brakes, smell burning odors from the transmission, or see a warning light, get it checked out. Taking care of car-related issues when they’re small can save big bucks in the future.
  2. Learn how to conduct basic car maintenance, such as changing your oil or air filter and replacing wiper blades. There are a host of great videos that can help you learn to DIY.
  3. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and aligned, which can reduce the amount of gas you use and also preserve the life of your tires.
  4. Use fuel-efficient driving techniques. For example, don’t accelerate aggressively off a stoplight or slam on your brakes. Moderate driving uses less fuel, and is also safer, of course.
  5. Reduce the pain at the pump. Look for apps or websites that share prices at the stations around you so you can find the best buy. No more wasting gas driving around to find the lowest cost.
  6. Check out gas rewards programs from local retailers. Often you can save significant amounts per gallon by using a loyalty program.
  7. Use the least expensive type of gas that’s recommended for your car. Most vehicles don’t need the pricier performance fuel.
  8. Avoid extra trips. Plan an efficient route and group errands as much as possible, which can save you time and stress, too.
  9. Remove excess weight from your car. The heavier your car is, the more fuel you use.
  10. Use public transportation or carpool to split costs.

For your home and your car

  1. Double-check your insurance. Being properly insured can save money and headaches down the road, so you shouldn’t skimp on adequate insurance to protect your home, car, and belongings. However, don’t pay more than you need to. Rely on Matic to search for trusted home and auto carriers to help you find the right coverage at the right price. Find out more here.
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