Covid-19 Update. Learn more about ways to reduce insurance expenses to lessen your financial burden.

We’re In This Together

Though the last few weeks have been filled with change and uncertainty, it has been uplifting to see our communities come together in support of one another. At Matic, we want to do our part to contribute as well.

We have pulled together practical tips for homeowners to reduce your monthly expenses now, when you need it most. Please click through to other parts of our website for additional details and resources to help you navigate your finances.

 By working together, we will get through this together.

Bundle Home & Auto

By bundling your auto and home insurance policies under one insurer, you could significantly reduce your overall insurance costs by as much as 20%.

Reduce Your Homeowners Policy Premium

If you’ve made changes to your home, lifestyle or personal habits, you could be eligible for discounts or a reduced premium on your homeowners insurance. Here is a list of common events that could save you money.

Get On A Payment Plan

Many of our carrier partners are offering payment assistance plans and proactive discounts for policyholders. If you haven’t been notified directly, contact your carrier to discuss which of their options are best for you. See the list of carriers.

Adjust Your Mileage

Fewer miles on the road works in your favor. You may be able to cut expenses by adjusting the estimated driving miles on your auto insurance policy. Review with your carrier.

Lower Your Monthly Escrow Amount

Does your mortgage statement reflect the correct monthly premium for homeowners insurance? If not, you may want to request a reevaluation to lower your monthly escrow payment. Find out how.

We’re Here To Help

Right now, things may seem overwhelming. If you’d like to review your policy for additional discounts or need us to advocate a special circumstance with your carrier,  don’t hesitate to contact us today.