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For Originators

We Accelerate Loan Closings With Instant HOI for Borrowers

Matic Is a Digital Insurance Agency Built for the Mortgage Industry

Since 2014, Matic has been the market-leader in helping financial institutions enhance the value of their lending and servicing operations by seamlessly integrating insurance into their customer’s homeownership lifecycle.


We offer lenders several free turnkey solutions to increase loan closings and reduce origination costs, while creating value for your homeowners and deepening your relationship with them.


Our Solutions

Insurance Estimator

For Lenders

Insurance Estimator automatically predicts HOI estimates for Loan Estimates, mortgage calculators, borrower affordability calculators, and other financial tools at the earliest points in the loan life cycle. This flexible API requires minimal data input, and the algorithm is powered by millions of real insurance records and dozens of carriers in all 50 states.

LO Tools

For Loan Officers

LO Tools allows originators to instantly get HOI quotes by entering just five data points via our web-based portal. LO Tools returns quotes to the originator in under 60 seconds for use on their Loan Estimate or can opt Matic in to finalize the policy with the borrower.

LOS Integration 

In Your LOS Workflow

Matic integrates with popular LOS solutions to allow originators to initiate HOI quoting and binding for your borrowers with only two mouse clicks, right inside your LOS. Our LOS integration pulls information directly from the 1003 to allow for property specific HOI quotes.

POS Integration

In Your POS Workflow

Matic’s flexible API has been integrated into top lender POS systems for a completely seamless end-to-end borrower experience, now including HOI. We can similarly integrate with lenders who have a custom POS solution and want to bring HOI into their existing environment.

Direct Sales

For Your Borrowers

We can create a co-branded Direct Sales landing page, where originators can direct their borrowers to a professional, modern, and convenient website to shop for homeowner’s insurance.

How We Help Originators

We’re Mortgage First

Matic is dedicated solely to the mortgage industry. Because it’s our singular focus, we’ve invested in the technology and processes to deliver on the tight deadlines and last-minute changes that often impact your deals.

We Automate the Process

We’ve built powerful technology that replaces the painstaking process of manual quotes and endless back and forth with multiple agents. Our insurance is automatic and you’ll have a single point of contact for any questions, so you can focus on what really matters: closing more loans.

We’re Experts in Home Insurance

Our agents are singularly focused on writing Homeowners Insurance (HOI) policies all day every day; they are experts and serve as a great resource to both you and your borrower.

We Help Your Borrower

Borrowers may not be familiar with every detail about their new home. Our technology answers the many underwriting questions for your borrower so they don’t have to, making their interactions with our agent more efficient and focused on really getting to know their policy.

We Save Your Borrowers Time

Our platform does the policy shopping for them in under 60 seconds, saving them hours of unnecessary work.

We Save Your Borrowers Money

We work with over a dozen A-rated national, regional, and specialty carriers to ensure we are providing the best products at the best price. This saves them money, and also prevents unnecessary DTI issues.

Our Process

Step 1

Gather Property Data

Matic leverages your borrower’s loan file and third party sources to get the data needed to run a homeowner’s insurance quote.

Step 2

Shop Quotes

Our proprietary quoting engine analyzes borrowers’ home details to generate the best policy and price by comparing homeowner’s insurance quotes from over a dozen A-rated insurance carriers instantly.

Step 3

Bind Policy

Matic follows up with your borrower to advise them of their coverage options and bind their policy.

Step 4

Evidence of Insurance

Matic handles all the paperwork for your borrower by automatically emailing or uploading the declarations page into your system.

Who We Work With

What Homeowners Say

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

We’re Here to Help

Our goal at Matic is to make homeowners happy by simplifying the insurance process and saving them money, and we’re humbled by the positive feedback we get from homeowners every day.

We Are Robust

License to Sell

We’re licensed in all 50 states with over a dozen A-rated insurance carriers to compare quotes from.

Whole World of Insurance

We don’t just do homeowner’s insurance; we also offer auto, flood, earthquake, and umbrella policies to homeowners, complete with bundle discounts.

Any Which Way

Homeowners can shop for and bind a policy either online or over the phone with a Matic insurance agent based in our Columbus, Ohio office.

Hardened Data Security

We are SOC2 certified and fully RESPA compliant, and our own in-house infosec and regulatory teams ensure robust security of your data.

Backed by Heavyweights

We’re funded by leading companies in the insurance and mortgage industries.

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