Maintaining Your Home 101: 5 Steps to Take

Owning a home is a big investment, and can also be a lot of work.  While it’s easy to push maintenance to the bottom of your to-do list, a few key activities can help preserve your home and keep it in its best possible shape. Here are eight tips to keep all the systems, inside and outside your home, at their best.

1. Clean out gutters

You might think that blocked gutters will just cause a temporary waterfall, but the damage can be far more insidious. A clogged gutter can harm your home’s siding, foundation, and landscaping when water routinely cascades over the side and then pools on the ground below, rather than draining properly. In addition to cleaning your gutters, you may need to install new hardware, as gutters that are clogged with debris will also sag and pull away from your siding.

2. Check downspouts

While you’re maintaining your gutter system, double-check that downspouts are angled away from the foundation. You may want to attach extensions so that they drain farther away from the house so that water can’t seep in and cause damage.

3. Inspect your roof

High winds or excessive rain or snow can cause damage to your shingles, and a leaky roof cultivates the perfect conditions for mold to grow. If you don’t feel great about heading up on the roof, or aren’t sure what you’re looking for, it might be wise — and safer — to enlist a professional roofer.

4. Tend to the trees

Branches that hang over your roof or driveway are a hazard. Have them cut back, for your safety and your home’s. Doing this will also boost your curb appeal. 

5. Power wash your driveway

You would think that all the water you’ve had in the form of snow or rain would naturally clean outdoor areas, but no such luck; you’ll need to add some elbow grease. Pressure washing your cement will make them look almost like new and improve your curb appeal.

6. Check your deck

Some decks can be power-washed, but others need a more delicate touch to maintain them, such as scrubbing with a deck cleaner and brush. While you’re at it, make sure you check for rotted or lifting boards and have those fixed to keep the deck safe and looking its best.

7. Inspect your HVAC

Routine maintenance is important to extend the life of your equipment and make the unit work efficiently to keep your house comfortable and your energy bills low. Now’s the time to change out your air filter as dirty filters make your air conditioner work harder and can even damage your equipment. Having a contractor inspect your unit regularly can keep it operating better and longer.

8. Check windows and doors

Is air creeping in? It’s time to either apply new weather stripping, re-caulk your windows and doors, or install new ones. This will keep your energy bill low.


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